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1. The Karin Power Amplifier - 55W r.m.s (nominal - into 8 ohms) and 70W r.m.s (nominal - into 8 ohms) versions of The Karin have been running successfully and trouble free (with only the power supply fuses blowing twice when over-driving my ESL 63s to clamp-down at very high SPLs!) - pictures below.

I'm thinking of possibly having another batch of PCBs made soon as a few friends have recently expressed an interest in building the project for themselves.

Circuit diagram coming soon.

2. Pre Karin - a pre amplifier based on The Karin

3. Garrard 301 project - How will it compare with a SME Model 20, which is currently out-performing my '82 (pre Cirkus) Linn Sondek in every way (IMO) or the LP12? This 301 is an early grease bearing model (S/N 34480). Eventually, when mounted in a new plinth, I'm intending to partner it with a SME 312S tonearm. Initially, however, it's going to have to be partnered with the ubiquitous RB 250. Here it is as acquired:

April 09 update: I'm pleased to say that there is grease in the bearing, which I haven't replaced yet. After about an hour of spinning, the deck ran accurately at 33.33 rpm with the pitch control set just left of centre. The initial speed was slow and out of the correctable range of the pitch control. Grease bearing. The next day, speed accuracy was obtained (checked with SME strobe disk) with the pitch control in roughly the same position after approx. 20 mins. of platter spinning.

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